The Dr Sketchy meets Drink & Draw "Lost In Space" Party

DR SKETCHY‘s ANTI-ART SCHOOL and DRINK & DRAW are joining forces to bring you the life drawing event of the year! 
Galactic models, cheap drinks, live music, a contest, great prizes, a fire show, 2 DJs and a massive after party 'til the cows come home.

Starring VALENTINA DEMONIA & TALLULAH FREEWAY as the two most beloved characters from BARBARELLA

So grab your drawing equipment, dress up as your favorite alien or sci-fi hero and join us for this extravaganza.

Where? At ic! berlin headquarters / Saarbrücker Straße 37 / 10405 Berlin (Riiight here)

When? Saturday / January 24th 

18h30 : Doors open
19 - 21h : Dr. Sketchy's Anti Art School | Burlesque Life Drawing + Show
21 - 06h : Drink+Draw Berlin | Aftershow

How much? The usual 10 Euro



Drink & Draw events usually have a dresscode. It's why they are so much fun! :) So please, please bring some form of sci-fi themed costume or clothing item with you.

Be creative. They have a high tolerance. Even for simple things like tin-foil helmets, alien antennas or snazzy outer space glasses.